merthur mini zine!!

I made a little zine for myself full of merlin sketches


4 x 5 inch stapled booklet
16 pgs
black & white

preview under the cut:
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That said, these are just printed from my home computer (and really easy to make!!) so I would love to send some to fellow merlin friends as a valentine's present? Mail? My gift to you<3. (regular friends are welcome as well)

If you're interested, I have a google form here to fill out:

I plan to mail things out late January! I'll close the form at that time.

[ART] in reverse order (Various - G)

Title: in reverse order
Artist: fiddery
Character/Pairing: merlin + round table knights
Media: watercolor & pencil + photoshop filter
Rating: G
Warning: none…

Summary: this photoset is in reverse order of their (supposed?) departure. I think??? HAHA IF IM WRONG IT'S TOO LATE NOW BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE ALREADY REBLOGGING. Leon is after Merlin because I'm forever amused that he keeps surviving. Kind of curious if anyone on tumblr is going to pick up on the order. Tumblr post here:

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[ART] Wizard on the Ice (Merlin, Arthur - G)

Title: Wizard on the Ice
Artist: fiddery
Pairing(s): Gen, Merlin/Arthur if you squint
Olympic Event: Ice Hockey
Word Count/Art Medium: Photoshop
Rating: G
Warning(s) (Highlight to view): none
Disclaimer: Merlin and the Olympics belong to their respective creaters. Any resemblance to real life people or events is accidental. No profit is being made and no copyright infringement of Merlin or the Olympics is intended.
Summary: They win. Drawn for merlinolympics

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